3 6sense Alternatives

6sense Alternatives

6sense is a Revenue AI platform that founded in 2013 and since then, they are providing sales and marketing solutions like account based marketing, predictive analytics, intent data, enrichment and etc.

It is one of the oldest software on the market, and just because it’s the oldest doesn’t mean it’s the best.

I want you to consider possibly better alternatives to 6sense when considering implementing lead scoring, ABM, signal based selling or intent data solutions to your sales and marketing tech stack.

Do not sign a contract of +2 years without a clear return on your investment. The alternatives I will list here can give you some real results before you commit for a contract.

6sense Alternatives: UserMotion, Madkudu and Koala

Why choose UserMotion, Madkudu or Koala over 6sense? These signal based selling tools are modern predictive lead scoring services that value intent data and ideal customer product alignment together at both company-level and person-level.

6sense alternatives usermotion madkudu koala
6sense alternatives usermotion madkudu koala

Predictive Lead Scoring

UserMotion: Offers both company and contact-level scoring, providing a comprehensive approach to lead evaluation.

MadKudu: Focuses on lead and account scoring, making it ideal for understanding both individual and organizational potential.

Koala: Only offers company-level scoring, which might be limiting for more personalized sales strategies.

6sense: Limited to account-level scoring, which might miss out on individual user intent.

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Intent Data

UserMotion: Provides detailed tech install and job changes data along with custom intent data, including product usage.

MadKudu: Also covers tech install and job changes data, supplemented by G2 views, enhancing visibility into user intent.

Koala: Focuses on product usage and website data, offering insights into user engagement.

6sense: Limited to account-level intent data like tech installs and job postings, lacking individual user intent insights.

Data Sources and Integrations

UserMotion: Integrates with 1st and 3rd party data across web, product, and marketing channels, ensuring comprehensive data utilization.

MadKudu: Similarly, integrates with 1st and 3rd party data, providing a holistic view of user interactions.

Koala: Also supports 1st and 3rd party data integrations, ensuring robust data collection and analysis.

6sense: Has limited 3rd party data integration, missing out on product or marketing data.

Sales Intelligence

UserMotion: Offers both lead and account-based intelligence, with customized sales insights to tailor your approach.

MadKudu: Provides detailed lead and account intelligence along with customized sales solutions.

Koala: Ensures lead and account intelligence, with tailored sales insights.

6sense: Focuses solely on account-based intelligence, which might not be sufficient for personalized selling strategies.

Why Choose UserMotion Over 6sense?

lead scoring
UserMotion integrates with your sales, marketing and product data to score leads based on different datasets and rules.

Intent data for signal
based selling
UserMotion identifies customer behaviors and actions to reveal signals that can be interpret as intent signals.

See result before committing to a contract
UserMotion lets you identify ideal customer profile alignment and buying intent signals before a financial commitment.

Enhance your pipeline
with PQAs and PQLs
You can identify the product qualified account and leads in your pipeline to help your sales team increase their pipeline and conversion performance.

“Implementing UserMotion’s predictive AI has transformed the way we manage our sales pipeline.”

Melih Birim, Founder at Retable
6sense Alternatives
Zeynep Avan

3 6sense Alternatives

Don’t sign a contract of +2 years without clear return on your investment. UserMotion identifies customer data to reveal buyer intent signals.

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