Quick Actions with Expert-Made Playbooks

Don’t lose precious time overthinking. Our playbooks, packed with industry best practices, offer direct actions for every situation, from acquiring leads to churn management.

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No More Spending Time on Taking Action

Collect data from every stage of the customer lifecycle, giving your team the power to confidently drive revenue.

Sales Playbook

New prioritized lead? Know how to engage

Every lead presents a unique opportunity, and our playbooks equip your sales team with the right strategies. Detected a high buying likelihood in a potential lead? Our playbook tells the sales team to offer a personalized demo within two hours.

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Growth Playbook

Expansion in buyer intent data? Promote a new campaign

Every growth opportunity has a key waiting in our playbooks. Notice an increase in the quality of your lead? Our playbook tells the growth team to explore these leads, find out new buyer intent and patterns, and revise their strategy.

Customer Success Playbook

Spot a churn risk? Act fast

In customer success, every moment matters. With our customer success playbooks, there’s no room for doubt. Spot a churn risk? Best practices guide your team to respond within 30 minutes. Say goodbye to delays and hello to direct actions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Playbooks in SaaS are expert-made guides full of the best practices that provide direct actions for various situations. These playbooks assist teams, from acquiring leads to churn management, ensuring that they take the most effective and timely actions based on different scenarios.

When a new prioritized lead is identified, especially those with a high likelihood of buying, the UserMotion sales playbook advises the sales team with the next step they should take. This ensures swift engagement and increases the chances of converting the lead.

Upon noticing an increase in the quality of your leads or any expansion in buyer intent data, the UserMotion growth playbook guides the growth team to delve deeper into these leads. This helps in identifying new buyer intent patterns, which can then be used to revise and optimize growth strategies, including the potential initiation of new campaigns.

When there is a possibility that a customer will churn, the Customer Success Playbook gives clear instructions on how to act quickly. For example, team should respond within 30 minutes, so that action can be taken right away to keep the customer and make their experience better.

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