Product-led Growth Playbook​

Hello, from one PLG person to another! We created this playbook based on our experience and research as a team of product-led enthusiasts with invaluable contributions from product-led growth professionals. In this eBook, you will find the essentials of a successful PLG strategy.

usermotion product-led growth playbook


Once upon a time, we were so used to traditional marketing and sales approaches that we continued to use old-school methods to sell our products. We were more focused on what we give rather than what users get.

Today, a product with promising solutions that solve real user problems isn’t enough to grow your business. Users don’t want to hear promises anymore but experience the solution in the first place.

Product-led growth is how you turn that approach into a business strategy. Recently, companies that focus on creating a product that is so valuable and intuitive have started to embrace a product-led growth mindset to drive growth through the product itself.

The concept is very clear from the name itself. Your product is in the driving seat for growth. Still, how can we evaluate this concept to embrace it more?

On the surface, people mostly think that a free trial is a product-led growth. But it is just the beginning of everything.

Product-led growth is an all-in growth strategy that uses the product as the main system of acquiring, activating, and retaining customers. It plays an active role in every stage and leads the whole company to grow a business.

Join our journey on product-led growth (PLG), from its history to effective methods like creating price pages and user onboarding. Industry experts, real-world examples, and crucial statistics from 150+ SaaS startups will show you the possibilities of a product-centric strategy.

Download the playbook now and revolutionize your growth strategy.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
Introduction by Amirali Nurmagomedov
What is Product-led Growth?
Market Overview and Key Stats by Zeynep Avan

II. Understanding Product-Led Growth
The History and Evolution of PLG
Product-led Growth vs. Sales-led Growth
Examples of Successful PLG  Companies

III. Pre-Growth: Building a Strong Foundation for PLG
Product Engineering
Product Development is Lean and Agile
PLG Framework: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue
Crafting the Perfect Pricing Page for PLG by John Kotowski

IV. During-Growth: Driving Engagement through PLG
Minimal Barriers
Importance of User Onboarding by Selman Gokce
Voice of the Customer

V. After-Growth: Retaining growth through PLG

Product Data

VI. Implementing Product-Led Growth
The Steps Businesses Can Take to Implement PLG
Potential Obstacles While Implementing PLG

VII. Future of Product-led Growth
Trends in Product-led Growth by Luka Kankaras

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product-led growth strategy is a GTM motion that especially SaaS businesses use for building each sales, marketing, customer success and product strategies based on the powers of product capabilities and product metrics.

The three pillars product-led growth is product development, user experience and go-to-market.

PLG playbook is a comprehensive guide which SaaS businesses can use to understand, improve and implement product-led growth mindset. 

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