Predictive Lead Scoring Software for B2B SAAS

Predict Churn Before It's Late

UserMotion’s predictive lead scoring algorithm helps B2B SaaS companies prioritize leads based on key product usage and behavioral analysis to enable your GTM team to focus on those most likely to buy.

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Detect Early Signs of User Churn

Remove the guesswork for your customer success team and help them get in touch with the accounts showing early signs of churning.

Predictive Scoring

Multi-Dimensional Customer Health Scoring

Unlock the full picture of your customer’s journey with UserMotion’s Multi-Dimensional Customer Health Scoring: a comprehensive, AI-driven insight tool that tracks and analyzes every aspect of customer engagement to predict satisfaction and forecast growth opportunities.

Self-Learning Algorithms

AI-Powered Algorithms

Benefit from AI self-learning models that continuously improve and adapt, ensuring your strategies evolve with changing market dynamics and customer behaviors

Intention Signals

Don’t miss Churning Signals

Detect intention signals to seamlessly prioritize your leads and accounts. Focus on those with the highest revenue potential, or at risk of churn, ensuring your efforts are always well-placed.

Churn Intention Signals
UserMotion Integrations

Seamless Integration

UserMotion seamlessly integrates with your SaaS tool stack, gathering all necessary events and data to detect intention signals, and bring its powerful insights directly into your workflow.

What Makes UserMotion Unique?

Quick to set up, simple to use, and with numerous integrations. But there’s more. Explore some of our features and capabilities.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive Lead Scoring algorithm identifies high-potential leads and ranks them based on buying signals, product usage data, Ideal Customer Profile Score, and more.

ICP Matching

UserMotion enhances your targeting strategy by precisely matching leads with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), ensuring you focus your efforts on the prospects most likely to convert and grow with your solution.

PQL Scoring​

UserMotion's PQL (Product Qualified Lead) Scoring algorithm identifies high-potential leads directly within your product usage data, enabling targeted engagement that maximizes conversion opportunities.

Customer Health Score

Customer 360 provides actionable insights and a Customer Health Score from customer interactions, encouraging proactive engagement, lowering churn, and building long-term relationships.

Expert Made Playbooks

Our Expert-made Playbooks are created using industry best practices to provide actionable step-by-step guidance to your GTM teams to engage customers and maximize conversion rates.

Enterprise-Grade Security

UserMotion delivers all enterprise-grade security. We protect your data with SOC 2 Type II compliance, regular security audits, and strict GDPR readiness. Single Sign-On simplifies access while customizing permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Churn prediction is like guessing which customers might stop using your service or product soon. It uses smart computer programs to look at how customers act and find clues that they might leave. This helps businesses know who they should try to make happier so they don’t lose them as customers.

Our Churn Prediction uses a special scoring system that looks at everything your customers do across your service. It spots hints that they might be thinking about leaving. Then, it tells you these hints so you can try to make those customers happy and keep them.


UserMotion needs data from how your customers use your product, like how often they log in, what features they use, and how they interact with your service. We also look at customer feedback and how they talk to support. All this helps our program guess who might leave.

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