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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UserMotion?

UserMotion is a product-led revenue platform that analyzes user intention signals and provides you with actionable insights about not only individual users but also whole accounts that are likely to buy, expand or churn.

What differentiates UserMotion from other user intent analysis platforms?

In addition to our unique product-led revenue model, which puts the focus on the most bottom-line-impactful goals, we also offer in-depth account analysis that is product-qualified. This makes sure that our clients don’t just get user-level insights, but also can understand and act on patterns at the organizational level. This mix of individual and organizational knowledge makes it possible for sales and marketing strategies to be very accurate.

Why does UserMotion emphasize product-qualified account analysis?

Individual user insights are helpful, but a product-qualified account analysis gives a broader view that is essential for enterprise sales. By understanding the behavior and goals of all the users in an account or organization as a whole, businesses can make sales strategies that fit the needs of the account or organization and are more effective.

How does UserMotion maintain user and account data privacy?

Preserving data privacy remains our topmost priority. UserMotion follows global privacy rules and regulations. This means that all data, whether it’s about a single user or an entire account, is encrypted and made anonymous. We have a strict rule that says we can’t sell or share data with outsiders. Learn more about how we handle data and protect your privacy here.

usermotion product-led revenue platform

Identify sales opportunities at a broader account level

In today’s data-driven world, UserMotion makes it easier for your teams to grow revenue by using deep insights into how entire companies or teams that have shown a collective interest in your product.