Prioritize Your Best Leads with Predictive Lead Scoring

UserMotion’s predictive lead scoring algorithm helps B2B SaaS companies prioritize leads based on key product usage and behavioral analysis to enable your GTM team to focus on those most likely to buy.

usermotion predictive lead scoring prioritize leads

Take the Guesswork out of Lead Scoring

Remove the guesswork for your sales team and help them get in touch with the right people at each account.

All lead data; in one place

UserMotion integrates with your tech ecosystem, including data repositories, CRM systems, payment gateways, and more. This strong integration gets all relevant data, enabling accurate predictive lead scoring.

usermotion integrations tech stack
usermotion signals to identify leads

Understand lead intent with custom signals

UserMotion offers expert-made lead signals and your unique signals to assign positive or negative effects to lead scores, allowing you to act quickly based on your own custom indicators.

Account-level Lead Scoring

Prioritize engaged accounts to win more deals

With UserMotion’s account-level lead scoring, go beyond individual leads. UserMotion gives you a complete picture of the organization so you can focus on accounts that show real interest and engagement, helping your team close deals faster.

usermotion account lead scoring
usermotion real time alerts notifications

Don't wait for opportunities—seize them in real-time

Stay one step ahead by receiving real-time updates on your leads and engaging with them at the right time. Every new signal is displayed in your CRM immediately, providing your team with new data that can be used right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Predictive lead scoring is a method used in B2B marketing to rank leads based on their likelihood to convert into customers. It utilizes historical data and advanced analytics to predict which leads are most likely to drive revenue, enabling sales teams to prioritize their efforts more effectively.

UserMotion’s predictive lead scoring is an algorithm that evaluates and ranks leads based on various data points and behaviors. It leverages advanced analytics to provide businesses with a clear view of which leads are most likely to become customers.

UserMotion’s predictive lead scoring offers unique algorithms, user-friendly interfaces, various integrations, or other differentiating features that set it apart from competitors. 

UserMotion allows for customization based on specific events or triggers relevant to a business. You can tailor the criteria and events to best match your business needs.

UserMotion is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular CRM platforms, including HubSpot and Intercom. This ensures that sales and marketing teams have access to real-time lead scores and can act on insights directly from their CRM.

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