5 Free Ideal Customer Profile Generators and Builders

5 free ideal customer profile generators

When starting to build an ideal customer profile, using simple generators and templates can be extremely time-saving. To help those just starting out on their journey, I’ve done a search for simple and free builders and generators.

  1. Free ICP generator by Lemlist
  2. M1-Project’s AI ideal customer profile generator
  3. Hubspot’s Make My Persona: Free Buyer Persona Template
  4. Clearbit’s AI Native Data Provider
  5. Bizway’s AI Customer Persona Generator Tool

What is Ideal Customer Profile Generator?

Unlike more comprehensive ways of identifying an ideal customer profile, these generators starts simple by collecting information about your business, offers, and features to generate an ICP.

These tools can simplify the process by providing structured formats to guide you in identifying the key characteristics of your target audience.

However, it is important not only to rely on these generators, but also to conduct direct customer and market research. This includes surveys, interviews and analyzing customer data to ensure that your customer profile remains accurate and relevant over time.

usermotion score your warm leads
UserMotion, identify warm leads

5 Free ICP Generators

1. Free ICP generator by Lemlist

Lemlist is a tool for building lead lists with verified emails, writing and personalizing emails and sending cold outbound messages. Its primary value is to help you avoid deliverability issues by sending behind-the-scenes emails from your account, making your email domain more trustworthy for Google.

lemlist free ideal customer profile generator
Lemlist free ideal customer profile generator

It also offers a free tool to simplify the creation of your Ideal Customer Profile by using AI to analyze your business’s value proposition and service descriptions.

The generator asks you to input detailed descriptions of your business and offer, then leverages AI to suggest a potential ICP based on the provided information.

lemlist ideal persona generator
Lemlist ideal persona generator

Its benefits include:

  • Fast ICP generation customized to your business’ unique value proposition
  • User-friendly interface requiring minimal input
  • Generating leads for each identified persona

2. M1-Project’s AI ideal customer profile generator

M1-Project positions itself as a marketing co-pilot. It serves as a 24/7 AI marketing assistant, especially for small businesses looking to overcome marketing challenges cost-effectively. It offers a set of tools designed to create marketing strategies and customer profiles.

m1 project icp generator
M1 Project icp generator

Its Ideal Customer Profiler helps ease the creation of your ICP and buyer persona. It requires input about your business, offers, features and capabilities. Using this information, it generates comprehensive information about your target market, including potential issues, barriers, communication channels, online platforms where the audience can be found, and an ideal company profile with psychographics.

m1 project ideal customer profile generator
M1 Project ideal customer profile generator

It provides:

  • Time efficiency: It claims to save over 100 hours of work by providing rapid insights and an ICP.
  • Customer understanding: It enhances your knowledge of the customer, identifying their spaces and enabling effective communication strategies.
  • Market insight: The tool offers 20 blocks of insights about your target market, which helps in precision targeting.
  • Resource identification: With over 30 key resources and locations to find your audience, it assists in market penetration.
  • Actionable insights: Provides practical advice on promoting your solutions, helping you to take immediate action on marketing strategies.
  • Accessibility: The tool is easy to use, making it friendly for founders, sales professionals, and marketers worldwide, regardless of their marketing proficiency.

3. Hubspot’s Make My Persona: Free Buyer Persona Template

HubSpot is actually a comprehensive CRM that serves for all your customer, marketing and sales activities. From a startup to enterprise, the platform offers different features for each part of your operations and contribute to building better product experiences for your customers.

Hubspot ideal customer profile generator
Hubspot ideal customer profile generator

Within their Free Hubspot Tools, It offers a persona builder that helps to develop the buyer persona, which is an important part of the ICP. It guides you through a series of detailed questions about customer demographics, behavior patterns, and preferences to create a persona.

Hubspot buyer persona generator
Hubspot buyer persona generator

The HubSpot ICP generator helps you with:

  • Building an interactive and detailed step-by-step ICP
  • Customizing the template for various buyer persona scenarios
  • Directly integrating with Hubspot’s CRM platform for campaign targeting

4. Clearbit’s AI Native Data Provider

Clearbit is a customer intelligence platform that offers a range of tools and services for sales and marketing teams. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide detailed information on companies and their customers, including contact information, demographics, and online behavior.

Clearbit is a customer intelligence and data enrichment tool for sales and marketing teams using artificial intelligence. The ability to use AI helps you provide all the information needed about your customers and use it better.

Clearbit's AI Native Data Provider
Clearbit’s AI native data provider

The platform enhances your customer data by filling in missing demographic and psychographic details, which helps in creating a detailed ICP. It simply provides real-time data for creating an ICP.

So, it helps:

  • Access to real-time data for up-to-date ICPs
  • Seamless integration with existing customer data platforms
  • Automated enrichment that saves time in research

5. Bizway’s AI Customer Persona Generator Tool

Bizway is an AI-powered business planning software designed for entrepreneurs, students, and consultants. It provides a platform for converting business concepts into detailed business plans.

Its AI Business Plan Generator includes features to assist users in defining their target market as part of their overall business plan. It helps in creating a customer persona by offering a structured approach to gathering and analyzing information about the target audience.

bizway customer persona generator
Bizway customer persona generator

You begin by inputting your business ideas, goals, and objectives into the system. The AI then uses this information to generate a roadmap.

It includes task management features and uses GPT-4 powered responses to customize business research and answer relevant queries.

As users update their business plans with new information, the AI adapts, offering more accurate insights and recommendations.

bizway target customer persona generator
Bizway target customer persona generator

The tool helps with:

  • Dynamic planning: Unlike static templates, Bizway’s plans are repeatable, allowing continuous refinement and improvement.
  • AI integration: Using the latest GPT-4 AI to provide smart, context-aware advice and answers to complex business questions.
  • Roadmaps: Automatically generates action steps and milestones for various business activities such as product development and marketing strategies.
  • Progressive learning: The AI learns from added information, improving its guidance and the business plan’s accuracy over time.
  • Versatility: Offers tools and guidance suitable for a wide range of users, from budding entrepreneurs to seasoned consultants.

Bonus: UserMotion’s Ideal Customer Profile Fit Scoring

You’ve created your ICP framework, but it needs to be actively used for better targeting at sales and marketing.

It is a predictive lead scoring software designed to enhance lead qualification. By integrating ICP fit scoring, UserMotion helps sales and marketing teams in prioritizing leads and creating engagement strategies for maximum conversion efficiency.

UserMotion’s customer fit scores are a metric system that evaluates potential leads against your ICP. It assigns each lead a measurable score that indicates how well they fit your ICP criteria and allows you to prioritize those with the highest fit.

usermotion ideal customer profile
UserMotion ideal customer profile

Begin by setting up your ICP parameters within UserMotion. Define the conditions that best describe your ideal customers, such as:

  • country
  • company size
  • company age
  • founded year
  • industry
  • revenue
  • tech stack

This creates a benchmark against which all potential leads will be scored.

Then, integrate your existing leads and customer data into UserMotion. It can be via Intercom, HubSpot, Close, Segment or SDKs. It will analyze the data points in relation to your ICP criteria.

usermotion customer-fit health score
UserMotion customer-fit health score

UserMotion automatically generates fit scores for each lead, ranking them according to how well they match your ICP. This allows you to focus your efforts on the leads that are most likely to convert.

usermotion ideal customer profile signals
UserMotion ideal customer profile signals

And you can dive into the specifics with a detailed view of how each lead’s attributes stack up against your ICP factors. UserMotion provides a granular breakdown, so you can understand the strengths and potential gaps in alignment.

Finally, it isn’t just about scoring; it’s about learning and adapting. Track how well scored leads convert and use these insights to refine your ICP criteria. Over time, this creates a feedback loop, continuously improving the accuracy of your customer targeting.

usermotion generate ideal customer fit score start free
UserMotion customer-fit scoring

Generate Your ICP and Score Your Leads

Among the tools I explored, each serves a unique purpose. Lemlist streamlines the lead generation process with AI assistance, M1-Project operates as a tireless AI marketing co-pilot, and HubSpot’s Make My Persona turns the task of persona creation into an interactive experience. Clearbit stands out with its real-time data enrichment, and Bizway revolutionizes the way business plans—and customer personas within them—are developed.

UserMotion’s ICP Fit Scoring—a predictive lead scoring software that could very well be a game-changer. UserMotion’s dynamic scoring system works as:

  1. You set the stage by defining the ideal customer criteria in UserMotion, ensuring the system knows exactly what you’re looking for.
  2. With your data imported, UserMotion starts the matching process, comparing leads against your ICP parameters.
  3. It points you towards the leads that deserve your attention the most by assigning them scores based on their ICP fit.
  4. It’s not just about the scores. You can see how each lead measures up across various ICP characteristics, offering a depth of insight that’s truly valuable.
  5. As you track conversions and gather insights, you refine your ICP, making your marketing and sales efforts increasingly potent.