Intercom Integration

UserMotion easily integrates with Intercom and instantly prioritizes leads using predictive insights and action cards.

usermotion intercom integration

Your Intercom Database, But with Lead Scores

Prioritize Leads with Predictive Insights and Action Cards

With UserMotion’s predictive lead scoring system integrated with Intercom, you can effortlessly segment and prioritize your leads based on real-time predictive insights. This ensures that your team always focuses on the most promising customers.

prioritize high potential leads
usermotion signals

Tag companies by status like buy, expand or churn

UserMotion’s integration with Intercom allows you to tag companies based on their likely future actions. Whether they’re ready to buy, expand, or are at risk of churn, our intelligent tagging system provides you with signals, helping you to tailor your interactions accordingly.

Immediately engage with your users in Intercom Inbox

UserMotion ensures real-time engagement directly in your Intercom Inbox. As soon as a potential lead or an existing customer shows interest or requires attention, you’re notified instantly, facilitating prompt and effective communication.

never miss customer action with real-time notifications

How can I integrate UserMotion with Intercom?

Use the setup wizard provided on UserMotion

usermotion setup wizard
usermotion intercom grant access

Grant UserMotion access to your Intercom Workspace

The app will automatically redirect to Intercom and begin syncing your user data with UserMotion

usermotion intercom importing data

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Frequently Asked Questions

UserMotion’s lead scoring system evaluates and prioritizes your contacts based on real-time predictions when UserMotion and Intercom are connected. Your team can always concentrate on the most promising leads without leaving Intercom because these scores are displayed there.

Yes, UserMotion aggregates both lead and company data to provide account-level insights. This empowers your sales team to close enterprise deals more efficiently and effectively.

UserMotion only works in read-only mode. We will not be able modify or delete any data, you can validate this on the authentication approval page of respective integration.

We uphold the highest standards of data security as a SOC and GDPR compliant company. With industry-leading encryption and protocols in place, you can trust in the safe and secure transfer of data between Intercom and UserMotion.

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