Segment Integration

With UserMotion integrated with Segment, you effortlessly receive real-time event data, enhancing lead scoring and optimizing prediction algorithms.

usermotion segment integration

Enhance Lead Scoring with Real-time Event Data

Effortless Data Integration

Send your real-time event data from Segment directly into UserMotion. Your customer’s activities, preferences, and interactions are instantly available, opening the way for improved lead scoring.

prioritize leads
understanding customer with customer 360

Enhanced Customer Insights

With our sales analysis and predictive lead scoring algorithm, uncover vital metrics about customer behavior. From time-to-conversion rates to identifying pivotal milestones in their journey, make data-driven decisions confidently.

Seamless Connection; Richer Analysis

Connect your product and customer data to UserMotion via Segment in just minutes. UserMotion uses those events to score your leads, preparing for buying and product-led signals. 

real-time signals and alerts into leads

How can I integrate UserMotion with Segment?

Use the setup wizard provided on UserMotion

segment setup wizard
segment usermotion connection

Connect your Segment account with a single click and grant the necessary permissions

Once you're connected, you start receiving detailed customer data to prioritize your leads

usermotion hubspot integration data importing

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It’s simple. Follow our 3-step integration process: Use the setup wizard, connect and authorize Segment, and you’re all set to receive an abundance of customer data to prioritize your leads.

The UserMotion and Segment integration eliminates the need for manual coding. It provides instant access to real-time event data, equipping businesses with deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences, and milestones. Plus, UserMotion uses those events to score your leads, preparing for buying and product-led signals. 

We prioritize your data security. Both UserMotion and Segment adhere to stringent security protocols, ensuring your data is protected at all times.

Ready to integrate UserMotion with Segment to prioritize your leads?