HubSpot Integration

UserMotion simplifies the process of syncing users from HubSpot to UserMotion, allowing you to easily score and prioritize leads and revenue-generating insights.

usermotion hubspot integration

Identify, Score and Close Best Deals on HubSpot

Receive Signals of User Purchase Intentions

By connecting your HubSpot user data to UserMotion, you can get real-time signals about their purchase intentions and tag companies with predictive actions such as ‘buy’ or ‘churn’. This lets you adjust your marketing and sales strategies based on customer fit and product usage data.

real-time signals and alerts into leads
prioritize high potential leads

Determine if Users Align with your Ideal Customer Profile

By connecting HubSpot’s huge amount of data with UserMotion’s sales algorithms, you can find out exactly how well your users fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). You can easily segment, target, and care for your users in a better way, making sure you’re talking to the right people.

Optimize your Product-led Sales Strategy

Stay proactive with instant notifications on important customer actions. Experience real-time insights into every customer action, ensuring you’re always one step ahead and never miss an important moment.

never miss customer action with real-time notifications
sales playbook

Know How to Engage with Your Leads on HubSpot

With UserMotion’s expert-made playbooks, designed specially for each different sales, customer success, and growth scenario, you will be able to know how to engage with your leads, how to answer them, and turn them into customers.

How can I integrate UserMotion with HubSpot?​

Use the Setup Wizard Provided on UserMotion

usermotion setup wizard
usermotion hubspot integration grant access

Grant UserMotion access to your HubSpot Workspace

The app will automatically redirect to HubSpot and begin syncing your user data with UserMotion

usermotion hubspot integration data importing

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Frequently Asked Questions

UserMotion transforms raw HubSpot data into actionable insights, making it easier to prioritize and engage with leads effectively.

We uphold the highest standards of data security as a SOC and GDPR compliant company. With industry-leading encryption and protocols in place, you can trust in the safe and secure transfer of data between HubSpot and UserMotion.

UserMotion only works in read-only mode. We will not be able modify or delete any data, you can validate this on the authentication approval page of respective integration.

It’s a one-time setup, ensuring seamless data synchronization. However, we recommend checking for occasional updates to leverage new features and improvements.

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