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Predictive Lead Scoring for HubSpot

Integrate UserMotion’s powerful predictive lead scoring directly into your HubSpot environment to unlock predictive insights.

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Say Goodbye to Manual Lead Scoring Configuration

You don’t have to set up lead scoring by hand anymore; it does it all for you and works great with HubSpot.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Multi-Dimensional Lead Scoring

Dive deeper with a multi-dimensional approach that goes beyond just Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) matching. Take into account firmographics technographic and behavioral data properties from multiple channels including HubSpot for best lead prioritization.

Self Learning Models
Self-Learning Algorithms

AI-Powered Algorithms

UserMotion’s AI-powered algorithms autonomously learn and update lead scoring models, eliminating the need for manual configuration like HubSpot.

Intention Signals

Don’t miss Intention Signals

By connecting your HubSpot user data to UserMotion, you can get real-time signals about their purchase intentions and tag companies with predictive actions such as ‘buy’ or ‘churn’. This lets you adjust your marketing and sales strategies based on customer fit and product usage data.

intention signals

UserMotion is App Partner

Integrate UserMotion with HubSpot effortlessly in just a few clicks, allowing you to unify critical data for predictive lead scoring and access UserMotion insights directly within HubSpot.

What Makes UserMotion Unique?

Quick to set up, simple to use, and with numerous integrations. But there’s more. Explore some of our features and capabilities.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive Lead Scoring algorithm identifies high-potential leads and ranks them based on buying signals, product usage data, Ideal Customer Profile Score, and more.

ICP Matching

UserMotion enhances your targeting strategy by precisely matching leads with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), ensuring you focus your efforts on the prospects most likely to convert and grow with your solution.

PQL Scoring​

UserMotion's PQL (Product Qualified Lead) Scoring algorithm identifies high-potential leads directly within your product usage data, enabling targeted engagement that maximizes conversion opportunities.

Customer Health Score

Customer 360 provides actionable insights and a Customer Health Score from customer interactions, encouraging proactive engagement, lowering churn, and building long-term relationships.

Expert Made Playbooks

Our Expert-made Playbooks are created using industry best practices to provide actionable step-by-step guidance to your GTM teams to engage customers and maximize conversion rates.

Enterprise-Grade Security

UserMotion delivers all enterprise-grade security. We protect your data with SOC 2 Type II compliance, regular security audits, and strict GDPR readiness. Single Sign-On simplifies access while customizing permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

UserMotion transforms raw HubSpot data into actionable insights, making it easier to prioritize and engage with leads effectively.

We uphold the highest standards of data security as a SOC and GDPR compliant company. With industry-leading encryption and protocols in place, you can trust in the safe and secure transfer of data between HubSpot and UserMotion.

UserMotion only works in read-only mode. We will not be able modify or delete any data, you can validate this on the authentication approval page of respective integration.

It’s a one-time setup, ensuring seamless data synchronization. However, we recommend checking for occasional updates to leverage new features and improvements.

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