Best Madkudu Alternatives

5 best madkudu alternatives

MadKudu is a platform to convert buyer signals into revenue action. But it is not the only player in the market. I’ll introduce you to the best alternatives that rival MadKudu’s predictive prowess, explain their standout features, and examine pricing to help you make an informed decision for your sales strategy.

What is Predictive AI?

In sales and revenue intelligence, predictive AI refers to the use of AI algorithms to analyze data and predict future sales and customer behavior.

This can include forecasting future revenue, determining which prospects are most likely to convert, or identifying the most valuable customers.

Revenue intelligence goes further by building on this predictive capability to provide actionable insights that can optimize sales strategies, increase engagement with customers and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Top Predictive AI Alternatives to Madkudu

Here are some of the best alternatives to MadKudu:

  • UserMotion
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Outfunnel
  • Toplyne
madkudu alternatives
Madkudu alternatives comparison

1. Madkudu

madkudu logo

Madkudu is a revenue intelligence for revenue and data teams that helps scoring and prioritizing buyers.

Its features include AI scoring, predictive analytics, criteria mapping, sales insights and data integration.

2. UserMotion

UserMotion Branding

UserMotion specializes in predictive lead scoring or customer intelligence, helping companies uncover high-intent accounts in the pipeline.

Features include predictive AI lead scoring, customer-fit scores, engagement scores, activity tracking and real-time revenue alerts.

3. Breadcrumbs


Breadcrumbs offers lead scoring capabilities for enterprise teams and helps in increasing marketing qualified leads to opportunities.

It has co-dynamic distribution, data clean, AI co-pilot and lead scoring model.

5. Outfunnel

A product-led growth platform, Outfunnel focuses on identifying product-qualified leads, which is useful for companies that cannot bridge their CRM to product-led growth scoring.

It offers sales-marketing sync, web visitor tracking, lead segmentation, lead scoring and field mapping.

5. Toplyne

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For sales and marketing teams, Toplyne helps automate sales and marketing by predicting which users and accounts matter the most.

It includes features like auto stitch, AI lead scoring, MQL scoring, identity graph and customer-fit scores.


When choosing a predictive AI platform for sales and marketing, the feature set is critical to ensure the tool is aligned with your business needs. Here, we compare the key features provided by MadKudu and its alternatives UserMotion, Breadcrumbs, Outfunnel and Toplyne.

madkudu alternatives features
madkudu alternatives feature comparison
  • AI Lead Scoring: All platforms offer AI lead scoring, which is crucial for prioritizing sales efforts. AI algorithms evaluate leads, predicting which ones are more likely to convert, saving time and resources.
  • Data-Driven ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) Creation: Creating an ICP is the basis for targeted marketing and sales. MadKudu, UserMotion, Breadcrumbs and Toplyne offer this feature, ensuring that efforts are directed to the most promising prospects.
  • Predictive Analytics: All platforms provide predictive analytics. This feature analyzes historical data to predict future customer behavior and sales trends, which is indispensable for strategic planning.
  • Real-Time Revenue Opportunity Alerts: Only UserMotion and Toplyne offer real-time alerts for revenue opportunities, giving them an advantage in responsiveness and allowing teams to move quickly on potential deals.
  • Payment Provider Integration: Again only offered by UserMotion and Toplyne, this feature integrates payment systems for tracking conversion and get better insights into conversion rates and signals in the long term.
  • Customer Health Score: This feature provided by UserMotion measures customer churn probability and satisfaction levels. It is a vital feature to maintain customer relationships and predict customer churn or upsell.


madkudu alternatives pricing comparison
madkudu alternatives pricing comparison


  • Support: Offers chat support for Growth plans, a dedicated Slack channel for Pro, and a dedicated Customer Success (CS) team for Enterprise customers.
  • Pricing: Starts at $1999/month.


  • Support: Provides a dedicated CS team for all plans, implying a strong emphasis on customer service across all tiers.
  • Free Trial: Yes, the platform offers 15-days free trial.
  • Pricing: Starts at $399/month.


  • Support: Provides email support for Free and Pro plans, a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) for Business plans, and a dedicated Slack channel for Enterprise clients.
  • Freemium: Yes, it offers an opportunity to try basic services without financial commitment.
  • Pricing: Starts at $400/month.


  • Support: Delivers email and chat support for Basic plans and calls for Professional plans, with custom onboarding for Enterprise customers.
  • Free Trial: Available, offering a chance to test the service before committing.
  • Pricing: Starts at $29/month.


  • Support: Promises dedicated Customer Success with 3-hour Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to all customers, which is a standout feature for businesses that value swift support responses.
  • Pricing: Users need to contact Toplyne for pricing.

Which Platform to Choose?

If you’re exploring predictive AI platforms for your business, here are the quick takeaways to help you decide:

  • For large enterprises: Choose MadKudu if your focus is on comprehensive data integration and predictive analytics, and your budget is on the higher end. With plans starting at $1999/month and a dedicated Customer Success team, it’s built for scale and depth.
  • For mid-sized and growing businesses: UserMotion could be your match, especially with a starting price of $399/month and a suite of features like real-time revenue alerts and customer health scores that are essential for growing companies.
  • For startups and small businesses: Outfunnel stands out as the budget-friendly champion with plans from $29/month. Its free trial is a bonus, giving you a taste of its product-led growth tools without the upfront commitment.
  • For those looking for flexibility: Breadcrumbs, UserMotion and Outfunnel allow you to try before you commit with freemium and free trial offers. Ideal for those who value try before you buy.

Each platform shines in different arenas. Consider your company’s size, budget, and specific needs to pinpoint the perfect fit.