Correlated Alternatives & Competitors

correlated alternatives and competitors

Are you looking for a sales intelligence platform for identifying revenue opportunities with lead scoring? Or, you can also call it PLG CRM for qualifying and prioritizing leads with product usage and customer fit scores.

Let me show you 4 products that are alternative to Correlated so you can choose the best for fit your business.

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TargetRevenue TeamsSmall to medium B2B SaaS companiesEnterprise companiesSaaS companies with GTM teamsMedium to enterprise companies
FocusProduct-led SalesPredictive Lead ScoringLead ScoringProduct-led SalesRevenue Automation
Empower revenue teams with the data they need to discover and act on expansion and upsell opportunitiesIdentify accounts most likely to buy, expand, or churn and engage through best practice playbooksEnterprise-grade lead scoring made for everyoneCombine all product usage and intent signals your team needs to prioritize the best opportunitiesGet help prioritizing, understanding your buyers and identifying the next best action so you can focus on closing
SupportBasic support for Growth
Dedicated CS Manager for Enterprise
Dedicated CS Team for All PlansEmail Support for Free and Pro
Dedicated CSM for Business
Dedicated Slack Channel for Enterprise
Email and Community for Starter
Email, Slack, and Enablement for Growth
CRM and Custom Enablement for Enterprise
Chat Support for Growth
Dedicated Slack Channel for Pro
Dedicated CS Team for Enterprise
Free Trial/
Free Plan
Free PlanFree Plan + Free TrialFree PlanNoNo
PricingStarts from $0/mStarts from $0/mStarts from $0/mCustomStarts from $1999/m
IntegrationsSalesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Segment, Slack, Outreach, SalesLoft, Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, CensusHubSpot, Intercom, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Close CRM, Postgres, Segment, Stripe, Paddle, Outreach, SlackHubSpot, Intercom, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, Marketo, Mixpanel, Segment, MailChimpHubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk, Outreach, Apollo, Segment, AmplitudeHubSpot, Intercom, Salesforce, Mixpanel, Marketo, Clearbit, Segment, Amplitude

Understand the each platform

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these platforms provide to you.

Correlated is a platform that empowers revenue teams with data, helping to identify and leverage expansion and upsell opportunities. They centralize usage and customer data from third-party applications, CRMs, and data warehouses, ensuring a comprehensive view of customer behavior.

It is suitable for companies with dedicated revenue teams or adapting product-led sales.

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UserMotion is a sales intelligence platform for B2B SaaS companies, focusing on predictive lead scoring to identify accounts most likely to buy, expand, or churn. They aim to help you identify revenue opportunities before they slip away. They prioritize accounts using product usage and customer fit data, doubling pipeline potential for revenue growth.

It is most suitable for small to medium B2B SaaS companies at growth-stage or adapting product-led strategies.

Breadcrumb offers an enterprise-grade lead scoring system that’s designed for accessibility across different business sizes. They focus on optimizing the entire sales funnel, aiming to achieve and increase in the conversion of marketing qualified leads (MQL) to opportunities.

It is suitable for medium to large enterprise-level companies in the SaaS, finance, and general software sectors.

Pocus is a Revenue Data Platform designed to help go-to-market (GTM) teams use their product data effectively to generate revenue. They aim to help you take quick action on these opportunities, streamlining the process of managing and acting on sales leads.

It is a better fit for medium to larger companies with dedicated go-to-market teams.

MadKudu is a revenue automation intelligence platform to bring focus to revenue teams by predicting and prioritizing the right revenue generating actions. They help revenue teams to be completely focused on driving and closing pipeline.

It’s a good fit for SaaS, financial services, and e-commerce.

What features they have?

Correlated, UserMotion, Breadcrumbs, Pocus and Madkudu – all help PLG companies qualify and prioritize high-potential leads, but with different ways and features.

Correlated focuses on centralizing customer and activity data across third-party applications. Some of the features include data tracking, PQL scoring and playbooks, with an emphasis on integrating data for customer interaction insights.

UserMotion is more focused on predicting and prioritizing high-potential leads based on buying intent signals. The main features include predictive lead scoring, customer 360, playbooks and real-time signals sent to your Slack channel.

Breadcrumbs is more like a lead-scoring model, which analyze your data and generate a suggested model. Its features include co-dynamic scoring, AI-driven wizard Copilot, and analytics.

Pocus is highly focused on helping companies with product-led sales strategy to evaluate product usage and intent data to prioritize best opportunities. Some of the features include revenue data graph, automations, and playbooks.

Madkudu also focuses on predicting and prioritizing revenue-generating actions, that help revenue teams to focus on the right actions that lead them to conversion. Its features include predictive scoring, enrichment and retargeting.

Which one to choose?

correlated alternative platforms

None of them is better than the other; all are great platforms for identifying revenue opportunities by prioritizing high-potential leads and activities for GTM, sales, marketing and customer success teams. It just highly depends on your company’s unique needs and characteristics.

(If you want more, here are 10 predictive lead scoring platforms we collected in more detailed way for you to review and decide.)

Correlated is best for companies that have dedicated revenue teams and are looking to empower these teams with comprehensive customer data.

UserMotion is best for small to medium B2B SaaS companies focusing on growth or looking for predictive lead scoring to identify accounts most likely to convert.

Breadcrumbs is suitable for enterprise companies that need a more accessible enterprise-grade lead scoring system and focus on optimizing sales funnel.

Pocus is a good fit for SaaS companies with dedicated GTM teams, rather medium to larger companies that are managing and acting on sales leads.

MadKudu is aimed at medium to enterprise companies that are focused on revenue automation and looking for more efficient pipeline management.

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Ready to find new revenue opportunities and close deals faster?

What is a sales intelligence platform?

A sales intelligence platform aims to help businesses find and focus on their best sales leads. It uses data to figure out which customers might buy more or leave, helping sales teams know where to focus their efforts.

What is an example of sales intelligence?

For instance, platforms like Correlated or UserMotion use special lead scoring to spot which customers are likely to make a purchase or need more attention. They look at how customers use products and other data to help sales teams go after the right leads.

What is the difference between CRM and sales intelligence?

CRM is like a digital address book for customer information and sales, while sales intelligence acts as a smart assistant, analyzing data to highlight the best sales opportunities and advising on potential buyers.