20 Best AI Sales Tools: AI Touch to Your B2B Sales

20 Best AI Sales Tools_ AI Touch to Your B2B Sales

Just as AI tools are transforming our daily lives, they are also changing the way we do work. According to IBM, in 2022, 35% of companies were already using AI, while 42% were exploring adoption. Given this momentum, you can imagine how far the integration of AI into the enterprise has come.

You can also assume the growth by just looking at the number of AI tools Y Combinator have valued and invested in.

AI tools Y Combinator have valued and invested in
AI tools Y Combinator have valued and invested in

In the middle of this wave of technological adoption, AI in B2B sales has emerged as a whole new change. And there is no one purpose; it has more than 20 different categories of AI sales tools, each designed to optimize different aspects of the B2B sales.

In the following discussion, I will share the most important categories and introduce the most popular AI sales tools that are taking the lead in reshaping B2B sales.

AI sales tools list with 10 categories and 20 tools

Top 10 AI sales tool categories and 20 popular B2B AI sales tools:

  • AI Prospecting
    • Clay
    • Seamless.ai
  • AI Lead Scoring
    • Madkudu
    • UserMotion
  • AI ICP Generation
    • Humantic.ai
    • Gong.io
  • AI Writing Assistants
    • Regie
    • Jasper
  • Generative AI
    • Perplexity
    • Claude
  • AI Emails
    • Reply.io
    • Lavender
  • AI Videos
    • HeyGen
    • VEED.IO
  • AI SDRs
    • Reply.io
    • Trigify
  • Conversation Recording
    • tl;dv
    • Noty.ai
  • AI Sales Outreach
    • Lemlist
    • Lavender

Predictions About The Role of AI Sales Tools in B2B Sales

  • There is no way that AI can replace a salesperson or a sales team, but improve their performance with different tools designed for different purposes and areas of sales.
  • Categories will be more and more in the coming years, and there will be even more niches in sales.
  • Big companies will continue launching their own AI tools, like how Apollo launched Apollo AI and Lemlist built Lemlist AI.
  • As markets grow and accurate prioritization and qualification become more difficult, the niche of lead scoring evolves a lot.
  • As cold outreach has started to lose popularity and effectiveness in recent years, we may witness the rise of AI-driven warm outreach integrated with AI lead scoring tools.
  • We may see more AI functionalities in CRMs, or even the birth of new AI CRMs.

Top 20 AI Sales Tools for B2B

1. AI Prospecting Tools

AI prospecting tools are all about making the process of finding and understanding potential customers faster and smarter. They help by quickly creating detailed lists of potential clients and adding valuable information to those lists.


clay logo

Clay is a powerful AI prospecting tool designed to automate the process of building and enriching your potential client lists.

prospecting with clay ai
prospecting with clay ai

It works by integrating with various data sources to gather comprehensive information about potential leads.


seamless.ai logo

Seamless.ai serves as an AI platform that aims to streamline lead generation and data enrichment processes for sales teams.

prospecting with seamless.ai
prospecting with seamless.ai

It works by accessing millions of data points across the web to find and validate the contact details of leads.

2. AI Lead Scoring Tools

AI lead scoring tools are designed to prioritize your sales efforts by identifying which potential customers are most likely to convert. They do this by analyzing historical interaction data and various other data points to score each lead’s potential value.


madkudu logo

Madkudu is an AI-powered tool that enhances the lead scoring process. It analyzes buyer signals to predict their likelihood to purchase.

score leads with MadKudu ai sales tools
score leads with MadKudu

By evaluating a wide range of data points, Madkudu helps sales teams focus on the leads with the highest conversion potential.


usermotion brand logo

UserMotion offers an AI-driven approach to lead scoring through data analytics to score and prioritize leads.

identify revenue opportunities with usermotion ai sales tools
identify revenue opportunities with usermotion

It examines leads’ actions and engagement levels and scores them based on likelihood to buy. This allows sales teams to target their efforts to the most promising prospects.

3. AI ICP Generators

AI ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) Generators help sales and marketing teams identify and focus on the most promising leads by creating detailed profiles of ideal buyers.


humantic ai logo

Humantic.ai is positioning itself as an essential Buyer Intelligence platform for revenue teams aiming to overcome the complexity of modern sales environments.

ai sales tools, generate your icp with humantic ai
generate your icp with humantic ai

Using Humantic’s Personality AI, teams can identify their ideal profiles, early adopters, personalize outreach, and equip Account Executives (AEs) with key insights for every deal.

The platform stands out for delivering personality-based insights that help sales teams build trust and rapport with prospects, leading to more effective communication and a higher chance of a deal.


gong io logo

Gong.io is an AI sales tool that offers a comprehensive revenue intelligence platform that transforms the way sales teams engage with customers, predict outcomes and increase productivity.

ai sales tools, generate your icp with gong io
generate your icp with gong io

By analyzing customer interactions across multiple channels, Gong.io provides actionable insights that increase sales efficiency and pipeline growth.

The platform can turn every customer interaction into valuable data for ideal customer profiling, and when combined with account and conversational intelligence tools, it offers a 360-degree view of sales intelligence.

4. AI Writing Assistants

AI writing assistants empower sales teams to create sales content and copies more efficiently and effectively, enhancing everything from email drafting to sales materials.


régie ai logo

Regie.ai optimizes its offerings to improve B2B sales results. By automating the creation of personalized email sequences and sales enablement content, it directly impacts sales efficiency and effectiveness.

It helps create multi-channel cold outreach sequences tailored by segment, persona, industry, use case.

ai sales tools, get writing assistance with regie.ai
get writing assistance with regie.ai

By creating custom messages that resonate with target audiences, Regie.ai helps sales teams increase engagement rates and close more deals.


jasper logo

Jasper is another AI tool for B2B sales teams looking to improve their content marketing and sales communications. It helps create engaging, customized content that speaks directly to prospects, from persuasive emails to engaging blog posts that highlight the value of products or services.

ai writing assistant jasper
ai writing assistant jasper

Jasper’s ability to produce high-quality content on-demand enables sales teams to build stronger relationships with prospects and drive sales growth.

5. Generative AI

Generative AI and tools like Perplexity and Claude helps B2B companies with dozens of creative ways. We just create well-written prompt and follow instructions, and they do the rest.


perplexity logo

Perplexity is a generative AI tool that includes features like AI search functionality and multimedia support, making it invaluable for B2B sales.

generative ai perplexity ai sales tools
generative ai perplexity

Sales teams can use Perplexity to:

  • Create personalized pitches, emails, and presentations by inputting detailed prompts about the prospect’s industry, needs, and pain points.
  • Use AI search functionality to gather insights about potential clients or market trends, informing strategy and conversation starters.
  • Create interactive training materials or support content for sales teams, enhancing their knowledge and capabilities.


Claude, an AI model built by Anthropic, can be used for creating highly engaging and relevant content for B2B sales.

generative ai perplexity ai sales tools
generative ai claude

Its capabilities can be used to:

  • Produce blog posts, articles, or social media content that addresses common questions or challenges faced by your target audience, establishing your brand as a thought leader.
  • Generate personalized messages for prospects based on their business needs, recent achievements, or specific interests to enhance engagement.
  • Create scenarios or role-play scripts for sales training, improving team preparedness and response strategies.

6. AI Email Tools

AI email tools like Reply.io and Lavender are transforming the way B2B sales teams communicate with prospects, enabling personalization and efficiency at an unprecedented scale.


Reply.io is a comprehensive sales engagement platform designed to automate and scale your multichannel outreach efforts, helping to generate new customers and accelerate revenue growth.

You can integrate Reply.io into your sales strategy by creating custom email sequences and leveraging AI recommendations to optimize your outreach and follow-up processes.

ai email tools at scale, reply.io
ai email tools at scale, reply.io

With Reply.io, you can:

  • Create custom sequences that combine email and social interactions, ensuring your message reaches prospects across multiple touchpoints.
  • Use tools like Email Health Check and MailToaster Partnership to maintain high deliverability rates, ensuring your messages reach the inbox.
  • Use AI to draft emails, categorize responses, and initiate meaningful conversations with prospects automatically.


Lavender offers a unique approach by analyzing your emails and providing objective feedback to improve engagement and response rates.

You can enhance your email strategy by using Lavender’s insights and scoring system to refine your messages, integrating personalization techniques and adjusting based on feedback for optimal performance.

ai email tools at scale, lavender
ai email tools at scale, lavender

With Lavender, you can:

  • Score your emails with actionable tips for improvement, aiming for a high score to increase your chances of a response.
  • With Personalization Assistant, easily integrate prospect data into your emails along with personality insights for deeper connection.
  • Benefit from real-time coaching and evolving recommendations based on generative AI and comprehensive email data analysis.

7. AI Video Tools

AI video tools like HeyGen and VEED.IO are transforming B2B sales by creating personalized and high-quality video content at scale.


HeyGen simplifies the video creation process, making it possible for sales teams to produce studio-quality videos with AI-generated avatars and voices.

Select from an extensive library of AI avatars, choose or record a voice, and either start from a template or scratch to create videos tailored to your sales and marketing needs.

ai sales video tools heygen
ai sales video tools heygen

This tool is perfect for:

  • Creating personalized outreach videos that can increase conversion rates by adding a personal touch.
  • Strengthening your content strategy with engaging videos that capture your audience’s attention and effectively communicate your message.
  • Creating short and compelling product videos that highlight key features and benefits to engage potential customers.


VEED.IO offers similar capabilities to HeyGen, with tools designed to facilitate the production of studio-quality videos using AI-generated content. It is particularly useful for:

  • Creating videos that support your sales pitches and make them more memorable and engaging.
  • Creating content that stands out on social media platforms and increases engagement and brand awareness.
  • Developing interactive and visually appealing training materials that improve learning outcomes.
ai sales video tools veed.io
ai sales video tools veed.io

8. AI SDRs

AI Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), such as those offered by Reply.io and Trigify help companies level up their sales processes.


reply.io logo

Reply.io stands out as a well-rounded sales engagement platform that simplifies the automation and scaling of omni-channel outreach efforts. It is designed to help sales teams efficiently acquire new customers and accelerate revenue.

ai sdr, reply.io
ai sdr, reply.io
  • Optimizes engagement strategies by enabling the creation of customized outreach sequences across email and social platforms.
  • Automates the drafting and development of emails and manages initial customer responses, encouraging meaningful interactions from the outset.
  • Access to a large database of targeted prospecting leads ensures that messages reach the right people.
  • Improves the overall efficiency of sales by simplifying the process from prospecting to booking meetings.


trigify logo

Trigify positions itself as an AI Sales Assistant, promising to redefine how sales teams operate by providing comprehensive automation in business development.

ai sdr, trigify
ai sdr, trigify
  • Actively analyzes data points and conducts research to inform and refine sales strategies.
  • It creates engaging copy for outreach, ensuring communications are both personalized and persuasive.
  • Trigify’s AI learns from interactions and results and aims to close deals autonomously with increased efficiency.

9. Conversation Recording Tools

For B2B sales teams, conversation recording tools like tl;dv and Noty.ai offer innovative solutions to capture, transcribe, and leverage insights from sales calls and meetings.


tl;dv is your go-to platform for effortlessly recording, transcribing, and summarizing meetings across platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Implement tl;dv to enhance meeting efficiency by capturing every detail, summarizing important points, and integrating insights into your sales strategy.

conversation recording tool tl;dv
conversation recording tool tl;dv
  • Recording and Transcription: Automatically capture high-quality video and sound during meetings, instantly transcribing them in over 30 languages.
  • AI Summaries and Notes: Focus on the conversation as tl;dv summarizes key moments, allowing you to engage more effectively with prospects and team members.
  • Keyword Search and Clip Creation: Easily search transcripts for specific discussions and create bite-sized clips from longer calls to highlight crucial moments.
  • Integration with Workflow Tools: Streamline post-meeting workflows by sharing insights and recordings directly to platforms like Slack, Salesforce, and HubSpot.


Noty.ai transforms your meetings into productive action items and summaries, ensuring no insight or task is overlooked.

You can use Noty.ai for a better understanding and follow-up on meetings, ensuring every discussion is turned into actionable insights and tasks.

conversation recording tool not.ai
conversation recording tool not.ai
  • Actionable To-Do Lists: Generate to-do lists from meeting content to prioritize tasks and accelerate action, boosting productivity and alignment across teams.
  • AI Summaries: Obtain concise summaries of your meetings, providing your team with valuable insights at a glance for review or record-keeping.
  • Transcriptions and Follow-Ups: Enjoy 95% accurate transcriptions with context-aware notes, allowing you to fully immerse in discussions without missing out on details.
  • Collaboration Enhancement: Share meeting content seamlessly to Google Docs and collaborate effectively, enhancing team productivity by up to 50%.

10. AI Sales Outreach Tools

AI sales outreach tools like Lemlist and Lavender enables B2B sales teams to enhance their warm and cold outreach strategies effectively through different feature sets and capabilities.


Lemlist positions itself as a tool for cold outreach, providing the means to reach inboxes effectively and get replies.

You can use Lemlist to automate personalized email campaigns, integrate with your CRM for seamless operations, and take advantage of its deliverability tools to ensure your messages hit the mark.

ai sales tools for outreach, lemlist
ai sales tools for outreach, lemlist

Lemlist provides you with several capabilities:

  • Build your lead list with verified emails, personalize your messages at scale, and send cold emails that drive customer acquisition.
  • With campaigns generating significant revenue and increasing reply rates, Lemlist has proven its effectiveness in boosting sales outreach efforts.
  • From avoiding spam to staggered sending that mimics human behavior, Lemlist ensures your outreach efforts are both efficient and effective.
  • Beyond email, Lemlist supports LinkedIn automation and cold calling, offering a comprehensive suite for engaging potential customers.


lavender logo

As we mentioned Lavender above for AI emails, here again, Lavender enhances outreach performance by providing AI-driven insights and coaching directly within your emailing platform.

You can implement Lavender for real-time email analysis and improvement suggestions, ensuring every outreach email is optimized for engagement and response.

ai sales tools for outreach, lavender
ai sales tools for outreach, lavender

Lavender provides you with several capabilities:

  • It analyzes your emails, offering suggestions to improve tone, structure, and personalization, aiming for higher reply rates.
  • Users report significant increases in replies and meetings scheduled, thanks to Lavender’s comprehensive email optimization.
  • Access analytics and coaching insights to refine your outreach strategies continually, with Lavender acting as a personal email coach.
  • Work with Lavender across various platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce, enhancing your outreach wherever you operate.

Key Takeaways

  • The integration of AI into businesses is growing rapidly, with a significant number of companies using or exploring AI adoption, highlighting its transformative impact on a variety of industries, including B2B sales.
  • AI in B2B sales is broad, with more than 20 categories of tools designed to optimize different aspects of the sales process; from prospecting and lead scoring to email outreach and conversation recording.
  • AI tools like Lemlist and Lavender offer advanced capabilities to personalize sales outreach at scale, improve engagement rates and ultimately drive higher sales performance.
  • Tools like tl;dv and Noty.ai demonstrate how AI can increase efficiency by recording, transcribing and summarizing sales conversations, providing actionable insights and ensuring no detail is left out.
  • Tools like UserMotion and Madkudu help you score your leads based on their customer fit and purchase intent so you can focus your sales efforts. Best of all, they improve their predictions with AI that analyzes historical data over time.