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usermotion account reactivation

UserMotion identifies accounts that once lose interest when they show reactivation activities, allowing you to work on them for reactivation MRR.

20% uplift in MRR from reactivated accounts
Achieved 80% accuracy in account reactivation
35% increase in re-engagement rates
Reduced churn rate by 15%

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Challenges in Identifying Reactivation Opportunities

Our customers were facing difficulties in recognizing and capitalizing on reactivation opportunities. The primary challenge was the lack of automated tools to identify signs of re-engagement in inactive accounts. 

Manual monitoring of inactive accounts

Before using UserMotion, our customer manually monitored account activities, which was not only inefficient but also open to errors, leading to missed reactivation opportunities.

Missing reactivation signs

Companies were unable to identify those who signed up again after a few months and show activity, suggesting that a lead who signed up once may be interested in your product again.

"UserMotion have revolutionized how we approach inactive accounts. Now, we can not only detect signs of repeating interest but act on them fast and effectively."
UserMotion Customer
Sales Manager

Automate Detection and Reactivation of Inactive Accounts

With UserMotion, our customers can now automatically detect signs of re-engagement in previously inactive accounts, enabling targeted marketing and sales strategies.

Re-activation opportunities segment

UserMotion categorizes re-engaged accounts into specific segments, which allows for more clear evaluation of the re-activated accounts and effective strategies.

prioritize re-activation opportunities

Our customers created “Re-activation Opportunities” segment to prioritize re-activation opportunities based on a combination of factors including intent and customer fit. Accounts showing high intent level and strong customer fit are highlighted for immediate attention.

5+ deals closed in reactivation opportunities

Every month, UserMotion identifies at least 5 accounts that show signs of potential reactivation.

real-time notification for reactivation signs

For instance, the account “Productlane” was initially flagged as losing interest in March 2024 but was added to the “Re-activation Opportunities” in April 2024 after showing re-engagement activities.

The detailed profile page displays data such as the last seen timestamp, decision-making insights, and activity level. The ‘Signal Summary’ also provides an overview, indicating intent signals that can be useful for reactivation campaigns and reach-out strategies.

In another case, our customer’s lead has showed significant buying intent; they completed the onboarding process and were actively engaged during the trial phase. However, shortly after this phase, their interaction significantly dropped, and they stopped responding to follow-up messages and outreach efforts.

usermotion decision maker involved re activation opportunity

Three months following their disappearance, a pivotal event occurred: a decision maker within the company engaged with the platform. This activity was immediately flagged by UserMotion as a reactivation opportunity due to the involvement of a key decision maker who had previously been unresponsive.

usermotion decision maker involved reactivation event

UserMotion captured this through a custom event titled ‘decision maker involved’. This marked a significant turn in engagement strategy; the company was promptly added to the “Re-activation Opportunities” list, which tracks accounts showing renewed interest or potential for closure.

The quick identification and categorization allowed the sales team to prioritize the lead. As a result of this re-engagement, the lead was successfully reactivated. The decision maker’s involvement indicated a higher potential for a successful conversion.

"The real-time alerts and detailed reactivation insights from UserMotion have significantly improved our re-engagement strategies. We've seen a 25% uplift in MRR from reactivated accounts."
UserMotion Customer
Growth Lead

Real-time re-activation alerts

Our customers integrated UserMotion with their communication platforms like Slack and Discord to receive instant notifications about reactivation signs. This timely alerts allow teams to quickly access and assess the opportunity.

usermotion reactivation notification on discord

A notification sent directly on Discord to notify the customer when there is a new reactivation opportunity. It includes details related to the company such as the company’s website, LinkedIn profile, location, company size, customer fit, and a direct link to view more in UserMotion.

MRR gained from reactivations

The effective reactivation of dormant accounts has led to a significant uplift in MRR for our customers. Through strategic engagement and reactivation initiatives, UserMotion has helped businesses to not only recapture the interest of inactive accounts but also convert them into profitable engagements.

Through UserMotion’s targeted reactivation efforts, companies have seen approximately 25% increase in MRR. This increase is attributed to the successful re-engagement of accounts that showed renewed activity, thus turning potential churn into revenue-generating opportunities.

The Results

  • By using UserMotion, our customers have successfully reduced the time to reactivate an account by 50%.
  • Increased the efficiency of reactivation campaigns, with targeted efforts leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty by addressing customer needs promptly and effectively.
  • Overall, the ability to quickly and accurately identify reactivation opportunities has resulted in a significant boost to the MRR,.

Reactivate Accounts That Once Lose Interest​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Predictive lead scoring is a method used in B2B marketing to rank leads based on their likelihood to convert into customers. It utilizes historical data and advanced analytics to predict which leads are most likely to drive revenue, enabling sales teams to prioritize their efforts more effectively.

UserMotion’s predictive lead scoring is an algorithm that evaluates and ranks leads based on various data points and behaviors. It leverages advanced analytics to provide businesses with a clear view of which leads are most likely to become customers.

UserMotion’s predictive lead scoring offers unique algorithms, user-friendly interfaces, various integrations, or other differentiating features that set it apart from competitors. 

UserMotion allows for customization based on specific events or triggers relevant to a business. You can tailor the criteria and events to best match your business needs.

UserMotion is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular CRM platforms, including HubSpot and Intercom. This ensures that sales and marketing teams have access to real-time lead scores and can act on insights directly from their CRM.