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Converting free trial users into paying customers is a significant challenge for many businesses. UserMotion provides custom intent data and insights into user behavior, enabling companies to predict and act on high-intent signals.

75% increase in free to paid conversion rate
60% decrease in time spent identifying high-intent users
50% increase in engagement with free users
98% higher accuracy in predicting purchase intent

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Challenge to Predict Free to Paid Conversion Opportunities

Our customers were not able to track free trials and free users using traditional CRMs properly. These free users were like left alone.

They lacked the data and insights needed to understand the real intent these users, interpret their behavior, and predict if they were about to buy the product. Or the other way, if they showing intention but not buying activity, solve the problem behind.

Inability to track free trial user behaviors

Traditional CRMs did not provide sufficient data on how free users were interacting with the product. It made it difficult to identify which users were most likely to convert. In fact, they often lack experience-based insights on how to interpret the data.

Lack of insights into user intent

Without insights into user behavior and intent, our customers found it challenging to predict and act on signals indicating an intent, which puts higher chance of free to paid conversion.

"UserMotion identified our user's intent before we did. By acting on these signals, we could engage the right people at the right time and close the deal."
UserMotion Customer
Customer Success Manager

UserMotion Provides Custom Intent Data for Free Users

UserMotion’s integration allows our customers to gain deep insights into how free users interact with their products. This data helps in identifying users who need more from the product and are likely to convert to paid customers.

Tracking buying intent signals

One of our customers uses UserMotion with several different intent signals throughout their trial and freemium periods. When there is an indication of intent, they act on it promptly.

For example, one of their customers signed up for a 15-days free trial. Initially, activity was minimal. However, on the 6th day, the first user, a sales leader, invited their developer, which was likely for an integration.

usermotion integration intent signal

The customer began sending messages and in-app notifications about integrations and documentation, receiving quick confirmation that the intent was indeed integration.

custom messages and in-app popups to leads

Following the successful integration, the customer received another signal that the company had hired a VP of Sales, indicating an intent to enhance sales strategies. 

usermotion decision maker intent signal

They completed the product setup and an onboarding demo, and on the 12th day, the VP of Sales joined the account, signaling high purchase intent. After a brief sales process, the deal was closed.

"We are able to make a timely offer that meet growing customer demands, all thanks to the insights from UserMotion."
UserMotion Customer
Growth Lead

Converting freemium users hitting usage limits or credits

Another customer is offering a freemium product and tracking usage limits and engagement with upgrade features using UserMotion.

UserMotion tracks and analyzes user activity and usage patterns, alerting the customer to the sudden increase.

It flags the frequent hitting of usage limits as a high-intent signal, indicating the user’s growing need a paid plan.

usage limit hit intent data usermotion

In one case, a user was engaging with their product at a low level for the first 3 months after signup.

However, UserMotion alerted them about a recent funding they received and they also realized that the user began hitting credit limits.

When these two signals combined, they knew that the user is ready to upgrade.

The Results

UserMotion’s custom intent data and insights significantly improve the conversion rate from free trials to paid customers by enabling companies to predict and act on high-intent signals. This leads to a more efficient and effective sales process, with substantial improvements in:

  • conversion rates
  • engagement
  • accuracy in predicting purchase intent
  • time efficiency

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Frequently Asked Questions

Predictive lead scoring is a method used in B2B marketing to rank leads based on their likelihood to convert into customers. It utilizes historical data and advanced analytics to predict which leads are most likely to drive revenue, enabling sales teams to prioritize their efforts more effectively.

UserMotion’s predictive lead scoring is an algorithm that evaluates and ranks leads based on various data points and behaviors. It leverages advanced analytics to provide businesses with a clear view of which leads are most likely to become customers.

UserMotion’s predictive lead scoring offers unique algorithms, user-friendly interfaces, various integrations, or other differentiating features that set it apart from competitors. 

UserMotion allows for customization based on specific events or triggers relevant to a business. You can tailor the criteria and events to best match your business needs.

UserMotion is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular CRM platforms, including HubSpot and Intercom. This ensures that sales and marketing teams have access to real-time lead scores and can act on insights directly from their CRM.