Qualify and Prioritize Your Inbound Leads​

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UserMotion helps users automatically qualify their inbound leads by using lead scoring and filtering to focus on the most promising ones.

83% increase in conversion rate from qualified leads
61% reduction in time spent on unqualified leads
92% improvement in lead prioritization accuracy
55% increase in sales efficiency

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Challenge to Qualify and Prioritize Inbound Leads

Our customers struggled to effectively qualify and prioritize inbound leads. Without a proper system in place, they found themselves spending significant time and resources on leads that were unlikely to convert. This inefficiency not only wasted valuable time but also resulted in losing high-potential leads who did not receive the necessary attention promptly.

Inability to qualify inbound leads

Before implementing UserMotion, our customers spent considerable time researching lead information manually. This process involved sifting through various data sources to gather insights about new signups, which was not only time-consuming but often resulted in delays in follow-up actions.

Loss of high-potential leads

Without an automated system, it was challenging to quickly qualify and prioritize new signups effectively. Our customers often lacked the necessary information to determine which leads were most likely to convert, leading to missed opportunities and inefficiencies.

"With UserMotion, we can now focus on the inbound leads that matter the most, improving our conversion rates significantly."
UserMotion Customer
Lead of Sales

UserMotion Provides Inbound Lead Qualification and Prioritization

UserMotion allows our customers to automatically score and filter inbound leads based on various criteria. This process helps in identifying the most promising leads quickly, ensuring that sales teams can focus their efforts where it matters most.

Implementing lead scoring

Our customers integrated UserMotion to implement a lead scoring system for scoring inbound leads. This way, they started analyzing inbound leads based on their demographic information, and engagement levels.

inbound lead qualification usermotion

For instance, one of our customers prioritize inbound leads that frequently engage with support after showing interest in product demo project. These leads receive higher scores.

usermotion inbound lead intent data

Most recently, as they shared, a lead from a mid-sized tech company showed consistent engagement by exploring demo project with dummy data and asked questions related to it to support.

They identified this lead as high-priority due to their engagement patterns and assigned a high lead score.

The sales team acted promptly, scheduling a meeting, which led to a successful conversion.

"We were having thousands of inbound leads everyday and were unable understand which one to focus. Now, we no longer spend our time on complex manual lead qualification processes."
UserMotion Customer
VP of Sales

Efficient lead filtering

Another customer used UserMotion to set up filters that automatically segmented inbound leads based on their likelihood to convert.

Leads that met specific criteria, such as job title, company size, and activity level, were prioritized for immediate follow-up.

In one case, a lead from a large enterprise signed up for a trial but had minimal initial interaction. However, UserMotion detected a sudden spike in engagement, including visits to the pricing page and decision maker involvement.

inbould lead intent data usermotion

This activity triggered a high-priority alert, prompting the sales team to reach out with an offer.

The Results

UserMotion’s lead scoring and filtering capabilities significantly improve the qualification and prioritization of inbound leads, resulting in:

  • Focused efforts on high-potential leads lead to better conversion outcomes.

  • Sales teams spend less time on leads that are unlikely to convert.

  • More effective use of sales resources enhances overall productivity.

  • Accurate identification of promising leads ensures timely and targeted engagement.

Qualify Your Inbound Leads Right When They Sign Up

Identify high-potential accounts among all inbound leads with UserMotion

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inbound lead qualification is the process of evaluating and categorizing incoming leads based on their potential to become paying customers. It involves assessing various factors such as lead demographics, engagement level, and behavior. 

UserMotion helps by automating the lead scoring and filtering process. It analyzes various data points, such as user behavior, engagement patterns, and demographic information, to assign scores to leads. Additionally, UserMotion can set up filters to segment leads based on specific criteria, ensuring that high-potential leads are prioritized for immediate follow-up. 

Common challenges include:

Lack of sufficient data: Without adequate information on lead behavior and engagement, it’s difficult to accurately assess lead quality.

Time-consuming processes: Manually scoring and qualifying leads can be labor-intensive and inefficient.

Inconsistent criteria: Without standardized criteria, the lead qualification process can be inconsistent, leading to missed opportunities.

Difficulty in prioritizing: Identifying which leads to follow up on first can be challenging without a clear scoring system.

Yes, UserMotion can integrate seamlessly with existing CRM systems. By doing so, it enhances the CRM’s capabilities with advanced lead scoring and filtering features.

Businesses can measure the effectiveness of their lead qualification process by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as:

Conversion rates: The percentage of qualified leads that convert into paying customers.

Lead response time: The time it takes to follow up on a lead after it has been qualified.

Sales cycle length: The duration of the sales process from lead qualification to closing the deal.

Sales team productivity: The number of deals closed and revenue generated by the sales team.

Lead quality score: The average score of leads that convert compared to those that do not.