Retable Receives Immediate Alerts About High Potential Leads

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We had a talk with Görkem Çetin, CEO at Retable, to hear how they used UserMotion to enrich their leads, identify high-intent accounts, and get in touch with them when they are most interested.

50 hours saved in lead qualification with usermotion
30% increase in lead response time with usermotion
25% increase in sales productivity with usermotion
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Retable is a work management and online spreadsheet solution that allows you to manage complex data in an organized and customized online database with its spreadsheet-like interface.

It offers multiple views that provide real-time collaboration, data management, and simple reporting. Retable’s real-time data management platform allows you to configure data from any device easily.

Struggle to Quick Identify High Intent Accounts

Retable was receiving a significant amount of inbound leads every day. However, given the number of leads, it was difficult to identify who was more likely to convert.

To solve this problem, they needed a system that could efficiently and accurately sift through large amounts of data to identify the leads with the highest conversion potential.

Time-consuming lead qualification

Without an automated lead scoring system, qualifying leads became a time-consuming effort. They were spending more than 50 hours prioritizing leads and sales efforts, reviewing different data points and performing extensive data analysis every time.

Unable to prioritize the right leads at the right time

Even with manual efforts to qualify leads, the timing was often off. They were unable to engage a lead in the sales pipeline effectively when they first showed interest, due to a lack of immediate access to intent data.

"At Retable, implementing UserMotion's predictive lead scoring has transformed the way we manage our sales pipeline.”
gorkem cetin retable
Görkem Çetin
CEO at Retable

Predictive Lead Scoring with UserMotion

With UserMotion, Retable was able to qualify and prioritize their leads efficiently without the previously required time and effort.

usermotion high intent lead prioritize

By integrating their customer and product data with UserMotion, they created a predictive lead scoring model that allowed them to see new high-potential account signups and identify accounts losing interest, thus enhancing their ability to act fast on emerging sales opportunities.

Advanced enrichment for accounts

They achieved lead enrichment through a 3-stage enrichment process, obtaining all necessary company characteristics to assess their alignment with their ideal customer profile.

usermotion retable person enrichment slack

When a new lead signs up, they are able to find out more about their company, job title, and LinkedIn profiles.

Retable also configured their ICP rules in UserMotion so that whenever a new lead signs up, they are immediately scored based on specified conditions.

Real-time notifications in Discord

They saw the real value in the integration of UserMotion with their communication channel, Discord. Whenever a new lead signed up or was identified as high-potential, they were immediately notified on their Discord channel.

"Real-time notifications have been a game-changer for our team. The moment a high-potential lead signs up, we're notified via Discord, allowing us to engage with them immediately.”​​
gorkem cetin retable
Görkem Çetin
CEO at Retable

This functionality enabled them to contact leads timely when their interest was peaking, significantly improving their engagement rates and conversion potential.

retable usermotion enrichment notifications on discord 1

Görkem also added that when a new high-potential account signs up, they reach out to them immediately upon receiving the notification, either via email or on LinkedIn, with a high reply rate.

Great for founder-led companies

He also shared that UserMotion is particularly effective for founder-led companies, especially for founders and CEOs, where leaders need to stay deeply involved in the day-to-day sales and marketing processes without being overwhelmed by them.

usermotion customer and intent fit score

The ability to automate and optimize lead scoring and notifications allows founders to focus on strategic decision-making and growth, knowing that their team is engaging with the right leads at the right times, supported by data-driven insights.

The Results

  • They have saved over 50 hours per week previously spent on manual lead qualification.
  • With immediate alerts on high-potential leads, the sales team can initiate conversations much faster than before.
  • Lead prioritization and immediate engagement have led to an increase in successful conversions.

Join Retable on identifying high-intent accounts with UserMotion

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Frequently Asked Questions

Predictive lead scoring is a method used in B2B marketing to rank leads based on their likelihood to convert into customers. It utilizes historical data and advanced analytics to predict which leads are most likely to drive revenue, enabling sales teams to prioritize their efforts more effectively.

UserMotion’s predictive lead scoring is an algorithm that evaluates and ranks leads based on various data points and behaviors. It leverages advanced analytics to provide businesses with a clear view of which leads are most likely to become customers.

UserMotion’s predictive lead scoring offers unique algorithms, user-friendly interfaces, various integrations, or other differentiating features that set it apart from competitors. 

UserMotion allows for customization based on specific events or triggers relevant to a business. You can tailor the criteria and events to best match your business needs.

UserMotion is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular CRM platforms, including HubSpot and Intercom. This ensures that sales and marketing teams have access to real-time lead scores and can act on insights directly from their CRM.