Prioritize Leads and Revenue-Generating Actions

UserMotion empowers you to prioritize high-value leads and align your strategies with revenue-generating actions.

Sales Intelligence

Gain deep insights into your sales process. Our intelligent algorithms and analytics offer a clear view of your sales pipeline, helping you predict and prioritize high revenue-generating actions.

Lead Qualification

Filter out the noise. UserMotion analyzes different data points to prioritize leads that match your business goals. Reduce time spent on low-quality leads and focus on promising opportunities.

Customer Health Score

Keep a pulse on your customer’s well-being. Track satisfaction levels, product usage, and overall health to identify upsell opportunities and potential churn.

Customer Segmentation

Segment your customers easily. Group customers based on behavior, history, or other criteria to craft personalized growth and sales strategies.

Actionable Signals

Focus on critical signals shaping your pipeline. We advise you on which leads to contact, when, and what to say to increase revenue.

Real-Time Alerts

Stay ahead of the curve. Receive instant notifications about crucial signals and events, ensuring you never miss an opportunity or threat.

SaaS Integrations

UserMotion seamlessly integrates with your SaaS tool stack, gathering all necessary events and data to detect intention signals.

Growth Playbooks

Grow your B2B SaaS. Expert-made strategies and guides to prioritize the high revenue-generating actions.

Customer Success Playbooks

Implement best practices to ensure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy, driving organic growth.

Empower Your Go-To-Market Strategy

GTM teams use UserMotion’s powers to prioritize leads, prevent churn, maximize revenue, and enable sustainable growth.

Maximizing Revenue Growth

Prioritize high-value leads and revenue-generating actions with predictive sales intelligence to drive revenue growth. Show the most relevant buying signals to your GTM team. 

Product-led Sales

Let your product guide your sales strategy. Discover what resonates, and let it lead the conversation. Focus on product usage patterns that drive revenue and recognize signals pointing to larger deals.

Evaluating Sales Performance

Analyze your sales performance with data-driven insights. Understand the strengths and rooms for improvement. Equip your team with expert-made playbooks for consistent success.