Slack Integration

Get notified in real-time about vital customer interactions, signups, and opportunities, all within your Slack channel.

usermotion slack integration

Act Fast on New Revenue Opportunities

Real-time Alerts

Receive Real-time Customer Interaction Alerts

With UserMotion and Slack, you receive instant notifications about key interactions, ensuring you’re always in the know. Whether it’s new signups, visits to the pricing page, or moments when a decision-maker actively engages with your platform, you have all the information you need.

never miss customer action with real-time notifications
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Improve Sales Team Performance with Instant Notifications

 With Slack integration, your sales and growth teams will be able to respond faster. With immediate notifications on upsell opportunities, accounts at risk of churn, and other crucial insights, your team is not just reacting but proactively addressing potential revenue avenues.

Receive Detailed Customer Fit and Intent Scores

With UserMotion and Slack integration, you don’t just get raw data; you gain insights. Our Slack notifications provide customer fit and ICP scores to not only help your team measure the likelihood of a purchase but also ensure you tailor your sales strategy according to a customer’s intent.

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the proven tactics and quick actions with playbooks

Get Your Sales Team Prepared on Their Next Move

UserMotion expert-made playbooks get you ready for all scenarios. Our guides provide actionable tactics for addressing churn risks and nurturing growth opportunities.

How can I integrate UserMotion with Slack?

Just go to Integrations, and click "Connect"

connect slack in integrations
usermotion slack connect

Integrate directly with your chosen Slack channel

Stay informed on lead activities and revenue opportunities as they happen

usermotion slack integration setup

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can connect with any Slack channel you’re a part of, ensuring notifications go where they’re most relevant.

Not at all! Our setup wizard guides you through the process effortlessly and it just a one click away to connect UserMotion with Slack.

Our dedicated support team is on standby to assist you at any step. You can reach out to our team via Intercom Chatbot or at Contact!

Connect UserMotion and Slack to get notified about revenue opportunities in real-time