Stripe Integration

By connecting Stripe to UserMotion, you gain a richer understanding of factors influencing revenue and customer lifetime value.

usermotion stripe integration

Reveal Revenue Opportunities and Risks

Refine Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with Winning Deals

Stripe and UserMotion integration doesn’t just show you who’s paying—it reveals who’s paying more and why. Recognize patterns and shared characteristics among your highest-paying users. This means you’re not just tracking leads, but strategically targeting audiences that resonate with your offerings.

prioritize leads
customer health scoring

Track Customers, Subscriptions, and Payment Issues

By connecting Stripe data with UserMotion, seamlessly track every customer, subscription, and payment issue. By having a customer 360 overview of these crucial touchpoints, you can address concerns promptly and ensure a smooth customer journey, encouraging trust and enhancing satisfaction.

Prevent Churn Before It Happens

With the integrated data from UserMotion and Stripe, you’re not just reactive but proactive. Identify potential churn risks early, based on payment behaviors combined with product interactions. This foresight enables you to address concerns, customize engagements, and retain customers before they churn.

usermotion customer segmentation

How can I integrate Stripe with HubSpot?

Use the setup wizard provided on UserMotion

usermotion stripe integration setup wizard
usermotion stripe connect data

Grant UserMotion access to your Stripe account

The app will automatically redirect to Stripe and begin syncing your subscription data with UserMotion

usermotion hubspot integration data importing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the combined data allows UserMotion to identify potential churn risks early, based on payment behaviors and product interactions, enabling proactive customer retention strategies.

By evaluating Stripe’s cumulative transactional data within UserMotion, you can recognize patterns among your highest-paying users, refining and optimizing your ICP for targeted marketing.

We uphold the highest standards of data security as a SOC and GDPR compliant company. With industry-leading encryption and protocols in place, you can trust in the safe and secure transfer of data between Stripe and UserMotion.

UserMotion only works in read-only mode. We will not be able modify or delete any data, you can validate this on the authentication approval page of respective integration.

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