Predictive Lead Scoring Software for B2B SAAS

Identify Sales Opportunities Before They Slip Away

Stop guessing who will buy, expand, or churn. Uncover high-intent accounts in your pipeline, reach out at the perfect time, and close more deals.

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Increase Revenue with Smarter Sales and Marketing Decisions

UserMotion is AI-powered predictive lead scoring software discovers intention signals and scores leads on potential to buy, expand, or churn.

Multi-Dimensional Lead Scoring

Self-learning predictive scoring algorithms that constantly improves from user behavior.

Real-Time Opportunity Alerts

Receive instant notifications on critical customer activities to immediately respond to needs, risks, and opportunities.

No-code Setup

Effortlessly integrates with your tech stack, delivering actionable insights and results in just a few clicks without any coding required.

Successful sales are made by teams who truly understand their users

Discover which leads are ripe for conversion, who your most engaged customers are, and shows early signs of churn.

Account Enrichment

Who Has Signed Up for Your Product?

Discover who has registered for your product. Find out more about their company, job title, and LinkedIn profiles.

Lead Scoring

Who Are the Most Promising Leads?

Detect intention signals to seamlessly prioritize your leads and accounts. Focus on those with the highest revenue potential ensuring your efforts are always well-placed.

Lead Scoring

Which High-Intent Leads are Losing Interest?

Identify accounts ready to take action. Engaging them at the optimal moment, significantly increase conversion rate and prevent missed opportunities.

Churn Prediction

Which Users Show Early Signs of Churn?

Identify accounts showing signals of user churn. Engaging them at the optimal moment, significantly reduce churn.

Explore Case Studies​

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How Retable uses UserMotion to identify high-intent accounts and get in touch with them when they are most interested.

Convert Free Users into Paid​

Identifying users who need more from the product and are likely to convert to paid customers.

Qualify and Prioritize Inbound Leads​

Automatically qualify inbound leads by using lead scoring and filtering to focus on the most promising ones.

What Makes UserMotion Unique?

Quick to set up, simple to use, and with numerous integrations. But there’s more. Explore some of our features and capabilities.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive Lead Scoring algorithm identifies high-potential leads and ranks them based on buying signals, product usage data, Ideal Customer Profile Score, and more.

ICP Matching

UserMotion enhances your targeting strategy by precisely matching leads with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), ensuring you focus your efforts on the prospects most likely to convert and grow with your solution.​

PQL Scoring​

UserMotion's PQL (Product Qualified Lead) Scoring algorithm identifies high-potential leads directly within your product usage data, enabling targeted engagement that maximizes conversion opportunities.

Customer Health Score

Customer 360 provides actionable insights and a Customer Health Score from customer interactions, encouraging proactive engagement, lowering churn, and building long-term relationships.

Expert Made Playbooks

Our Expert-made Playbooks are created using industry best practices to provide actionable step-by-step guidance to your GTM teams to engage customers and maximize conversion rates.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We protect your data with SOC 2 Type II compliance, regular security audits, and strict GDPR readiness. Single Sign-On simplifies access while customizing permissions.

Ready to find new revenue opportunities and close deals faster?