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Koala is a customer intent platform that helps identifying customers showing high purchase intent. It is not alone in the market, so if you are looking for an alternative, here are two products you can use at different scales.

Koala Software Alternatives

Identifying customer intent data is important for sales and marketing success. Koala, a customer intent platform, is one of the popular choice among medium to enterprise companies. However, there are other notable alternatives, such as 6sense and UserMotion, each offering different features and pricing structures.

3 Customer Intent Platform

koala software alternatives 6sense usermotion
koala software alternatives 6sense usermotion

Koala is designed for go-to-market teams within medium to enterprise companies. It helps these teams identify which accounts to focus on, offering tools that provide intent signals and automations.

6sense targets high-level enterprise companies, particularly those in marketing and sales roles. It helps in identifying accounts that are ready to buy, using AI-generated pipelines to feed sales teams with valuable data.

UserMotion is designed for sales and revenue operations within fast-growing B2B SaaS companies. It helps turning customer intent data into actionable insights, uncovering high-intent accounts in the pipeline.



  • Website Intent Data: Track and analyze visitor behavior on your website.
  • Product Usage Data: Monitor how prospects interact with your product.
  • Email Intent Data: Gain insights from email interactions.
  • Company Enrichment: Enhance data with additional company information.
  • ICP Scoring: Score prospects based on your Ideal Customer Profile.
  • Intent Signals: Detect buying signals from multiple channels.
  • Custom Signals: Define and track custom intent signals.
  • Trending Accounts: Identify accounts showing increased interest.
  • Intent Scoring: Score leads based on intent data.
  • Signal Reports: Generate reports on intent signals.
  • Automations: Automate repetitive tasks to save time.
  • Slack Alerts: Receive alerts in Slack for important activities.
  • Integrations: Integrate with Clearbit, CRM systems like HubSpot and Salesforce, and other custom objects/fields.


  • Intent Data: Turn a massive volume of intent signals into actionable insight to accelerate demand.
  • Audience Creation: Mobilize the revenue team around high-value account targets that can be segmented, measured, and analyzed.
  • Digital Advertising: Build dynamic targeting criteria to reduce spend and maximize impact by reaching key personas at the right accounts.
  • Predictive Marketing: Use 6sense AI predictions to eliminate the guesswork around timing and trigger marketing campaigns towards the best accounts.
  • Multichannel Orchestration: Leverage integrations to execute across all your channels including display, website, content, chat, personalization, email cadences, and more to consistently deliver the right message.
  • Conversational Email: Automate and personalize email communication.
  • Advanced Analytics: Gain deep insights into campaign performance and customer behavior.
  • Pipeline Intelligence: Use data to optimize and forecast sales pipeline.


  • Account Enrichment: Enrich your lead companies with additional data.
  • ICP Scoring: Score leads based on your Ideal Customer Profile.
  • Intent Scoring: Evaluate leads based on their buying intent.
  • Real-time Signals: Receive signals in real time for immediate action.
  • Customer 360: Comprehensive view of customer data.
  • Customer Health Scoring: Monitor the health of customer relationships.
  • Churn Signals: Detect early signs of customer churn.
  • Upsell Signals: Identify opportunities for upselling.
  • 10+ Integrations: Integrate with over 10 different systems, including HubSpot, Intercom, Segment, Close, Stripe and Slack.
  • Shared Slack Channel: Collaborate with UserMotion support through a shared Slack channel.
  • Email & Chat Support: Access to support for troubleshooting and guidance.


koala software alternatives pricing
koala software alternatives pricing


Starts at $0: Includes 3 licenses, 5k Clearbit Reveal per month, 250 account limit, and 250 Slack alerts per month.

Starter Plan: $500

Business Plan: Custom pricing

Startup Program: Available


Contact sales for pricing


Starts at $0: Includes 1,000 accounts, 250 enriched leads per month, ICP scoring, intent scoring, real-time signals, and email & chat support.

Starter Plan: $199

Scale Plan: Contact sales for pricing

Startup Program: Available

How to Choose?

Choosing the right platform depends on your company’s specific needs and budget.

  • Koala, with its user-friendly features and competitive pricing, is ideal for go-to-market teams.
  • 6sense offers advanced AI-driven insights, suitable for high-level enterprises looking for comprehensive revenue AI solutions.
  • UserMotion stands out for its actionable intent data and affordable entry-level pricing, making it a great choice for fast-growing B2B SaaS companies.